Res Publica 2230AD



2230 AD. A time of massive exploration and colonisation. New breakthroughs in technology allow the known races to launch vast fleets to stake their claim along a new frontier.

In Res Publica 2230 AD you will assemble groups of colonists to set up space stations and exploit new technologies to found vast cities – all the while trading personnel and developments with your fellow players to see just who will establish the greatest of these new empires.

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Ages 10 and up | 3 to 5 Players | 60 minutes

Res Publica 2230AD on


1 Rule Book
170 Cards: 66 Race, 66 Technology, 6 Pilot, 6 Trooper, 2 New Colony,
2 University, 2 Resort, 10 City and 10 Space Station cards.
15 Trade tokens
5 Narkh Addul Planets
5 Reference boards

Rule Books: