Game Submissions


Due to the large number of submissions we have been receiving and the need to focus our attention on our existing/upcoming projects, we have decided to close submissions until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are a game designer and have developed a board/card game that you believe we may be interested in, please get in contact. We look for games that are…

Fun, Thematic and Innovative: We want to create and publish games made for the purpose of being fun and thematically engaging to play. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas, themes and mechanics.

Easy to Learn: We look for games with rules that can be clearly and concisely explained in around 5 minutes. We value strategic depth although do not believe our games should have a high barrier of entry. For the most part, we want it so that players, after being presented with the integral mechanics of play, can learn as they play. Note: We are not looking to publish highly complex games, war games or euro-games that, in essence, require a lengthly rules explanation.

Interactive and Engaging: We look for games that are made with a high amount of player interaction and involvement in mind. There should be minimal downtime between turns and every player should always feel involved. Note: We are not looking to publish games that feature a limited amount of interaction between players or that, effectively, play like multi-player solitaire.

Affordable: We want our games to be affordable and not require a vast amount of components to play. This means we look for games that can be positioned at an MSRP of no more than $60 (~£40). Note: We will not publish miniatures games or other component heavy games that are unreasonable for us to bring to the market.

Social, with a Reasonable Playing Time: We look for games that can be played within a reasonable amount of time and not require a specific occasion to bring to the table. In particular, we look for games that can be played in 60 minutes or less. Note: We will not consider publishing any game that takes more than 2 hours to play.

Versatile: We also look for games that can accommodate a good range of ‘no. of players’. We are particularly looking for games that feature at least a 3-scale range of players, for instance; “2 to 4”, “3 to 5” or “4 to 8” players. We will consider 2-player only games although we are not looking for other games that require a specific number of players to play, for instance; solitaire games, 4-player only games, etc.

Exciting, with a Good Balance of Luck and Strategy: We want games that have a good balance of luck and strategy. We are particularly looking for games where players feel they have a comfortable degree of control yet chaos still has its role, keeping each game fresh and exciting after every play.

Timeless: More than anything, we want our games to last a lifetime. To achieve this, we will be setting ourselves very high standards for each game that we publish. Our games cannot just be ok, good or even great…they must exceed our wildest expectations and push the boundaries of what a game can accomplish. We know this is a bold statement although we don’t just make games, we create experiences and we would like to invite you to join us on our journey of discovery.

Believe your game has what it takes? Please submit your game using the contact form on this page and include a brief description of what the game is about, the complete rules and an overview of the game’s development, including a brief introduction about yourself. We’re not looking for an essay here, we just briefly want to know who you are, what the game is about, why you think it has promise as well as some detail about how long the game has been in development.

What is important to us is that we see promise in the mechanics of the game and it’s design. As long as the game is interesting, functional to play and has been well-developed, that’s all we need to take things further and consider bringing it to market.

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